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Sunbeds & tanning

The only vertical sunbeds in Thame

Bliss Beauty are proud to say that we have the only 2 vertical sunbeds in the whole of Thame. We have the collatan twist which produces collagen for younger looking skin, smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines and the production of vitamin D. It is also great for all skin conditions. We also have another brand new sunbed the new BLU INFINITY sunbed that has premium tanning tubes for a deeper longer lasting tan. Our sunbed sessions are offered on either a pay as you go system or as courses. And what's more, 
if you buy 2 courses, you get a 3rd free! Call 01844 212111 now for more details.
Our pricelist


Sessions are from 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 minutes depending on your skin type and how you tan.
We offer pay as you go or courses are available which reduces the price per minute.
£1.10 per minute or 75 minutes for £48.75 or buy 2 courses get 1 free.

Collatan Twist

Collatan Twist is a stand-up UV sunbed that uses red and blue light therapy to rejuvenate skin. This new tanning technology increases collagen production for younger looking, moisturised skin. The sessions last 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 or 18 minutes at £1.30 a minute and courses cost £50 for 60 minutes or buy 2 courses and get 1 free!

Spray Tans

Bliss Beauty uses Sienna X spray tan to provide a flawless, streak free tan. We offer both full body and half body treatments as well as a special "tonight's the night" treatment which develop in 4 hours so is great for the day. Please note that our normal spray tans develop in 8-10 hours. If you want more information, just give us a call. 
Woman enjoying one of our sunbeds in Thame
Sunbeds – buy 2 courses get 1 free!
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